Scan your system for obsolete drivers



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DUMo is a tool that automatically scans your system and tells you if all the installed drivers are up-to-date.

Thanks to this software, with just a double-click on each of your entries, you can see what versions you have and directly access a webpage where you can check if that is the last update.

If anything is out of date, DUMo will inform you, although it won't download any updates for you. If you want the latest version, you'll have to look for it and download it manually.

Nevertheless, this app is still pretty useful, as it also shows important information about each device, like the manufacturer's name and the full version number, plus CPU and RAM usage on your PC.

If either of these processes is reaching critical levels, you can always close applications as needed to reduce the load on your system so you won't run into any trouble.
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